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Collection, storage and process of personal data

We collect only those data at our website,, which you provided expressively and voluntarily to us. We use these data to identify and contact our customers, and in order to provide our services, e.g. to send newsletters. These data are, inter alia, the provided name, phone number and address, email address.

Acknowledgement of authorization

By using our website you acknowledge, that you authorize us and to collect, store and process those personal data which you provide us through the website.

Governing law

In case of any dispute regarding these matters, the governing law for the collection, storage and process of personal data is the law of Hungary and the European Union.

Modification/removal of personal data

You can ask anytime (after identification) the modification and/or removal of your personal data via phone (06-1-283-2285) or email ( or

Data disclosure policy

We do not disclose your personal data to any third party, unless we are obliged by governing law, or when acting within the instructions of any court or regulatory authority under the governing law.

Link policy

We fully disclaim our liability in case of any links on our webpage, which show to different webpages than ours, and in the case of the webpages accessed through these links.

Newsletter policy

We send newsletters only in order inform you about our new and existing products, special actions, exhibitions, fairs and special offers. You can any time cancel our newsletters via phone (06-1-283-2285) or email ( or

Copyright warning

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Cookie policy

By default, our website use cookies. You may set your internet browser to refuse the usage of cookies. The cookies used by our website only serve the aim of storing local settings.

Policy for participation in/registration for promotional games

The registrants acknowledge, that they personal data is collected, stored and processed in the database of Energofish Kft., and that Energofish Kft. may use them for marketing purposes, like providing information about the new and existing products, special actions and offers of the company and its partners. Participation in/registration for promotional games happens voluntarily. You can any time cancel your participation, and any related newsletters, via phone (06-1-283-2285) or email ( or Our gifts cannot be exchanged to money and they cannot be alienated. Challenge of this policy at court is excluded.

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