Mihály Halmos2016. August 01.

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Surely many of us have toyed with the thought, how well would we be able to utilise such a reel, which speed and line retract capability could be easily adjusted at any time during the whole fishing

And really, it is a great thing to adapt to the needs of the moment, but, I ask the question, was on the market any reel hitherto, which is designed for this purpose and equipped with a freerunner? Well, the answer is: no. Since now!

The Energofish recognised the niche in the market, and, taking into consideration the needs of the fishers, as a result of careful design work, has created Carp Expert Double Speed.

Its handle is made of aluminium elaborated by CNC machinery, with a
fastidious, ergonomic grip made of EVA material. The line spool is light,
cold extruded aluminium at all variants. An extra light, graphite/ABS based,
high-strength reserve line spool belongs to every variants of the reel.

With the special reels, produced in different sizes, we are able to maximally satisfy the needs in regard of the more sensitive picker rods, the more serious longcaster feeders, as well as the general carp and boilie rods!

The matt black coating gives a modest appearance to the reel, which has aimed to fulfil with its every last elements the highest demands of modern feeder fishing. Its spooling is absolutely smooth and vibration free, and, in addition, silent. The aerial work of the 9+1 bearings will satisfy even the connoisseurs.

The type 3000 variant, which I tested, isan ideal
accessory for light, medium cast weight feeders

The freerunner of the Double Speed can be precisely calibrated, the mechanism enables the fisher to select the appropriate tensile force from a wide scale. The precision of the main brake system is almost astonishing, it really indeed challenges the best quality Japanese reel brands at anytime, anywhere.

The freerunner system is placed systematically in the rear part of the reel,
and at the base of the handle is the very soul of the real, a button, which
fuctionates as a shift between the two speeds of the reel!

Light aluminium handle, comfortable, with an EVA coated grip

A wide scale of advantages: a wide edged line spool,
which enables the application of large-sized first brake laminas

In case of the type 3000 variant we can shift between 6,7 and 4,7 gear ratio
while at bigger sizes we can shift between 6,3 and 4,3 gear ratios

Commonly known, that the freerunner system’s material requirements fundamentally raise the weight of such reels. In case of the Double Speed, the freerunner system and the shift system together barely raise the weight of the reel! As an example, I would mention that the 3000 (mm) size weights 406 g, while the 4000 (mm) size weights 510 g, due to the results of my own measurements.

To a top quality reel matches well the most outstanding feeder line!

The Double Speed is equipped with a pull-down roller (needle roller) system backstop, I tried out its two-speed mechanism at the first time during the filling of the line spool. The fill of the line spool-when shifted to max gear ratio-takes only a few short minutes, a roll of feeder line (150 m) can be spooled in a few minutes. No tangles at all!

Together with the precise adjustment, the large-sized, line leading gear
with its bearings serves the smooth, orderly spool of the line to the line spool!

Perfect duo: ET. Emerald Plus Feeder 3,60m and CXP Double Speed 3000

Perfectly precise design can be observed also in case of the mechanism
of the handle . The thick tube handle spools the line without delay,
immediately to the line spool!

The 3000 (mm) sized tested by me exceeded all my expectations. My fast paced fishing full of catches was not able to create such a situation for the little reel, which it couldn’t easily solve, during the fragment of a second.

I could easily solve the task of feeding at a very long distance much faster, in a much shorter time, thanks to the 6,7:1 gear ratio I could also unspool my rig for refilling, rebaiting, even in case of void strikes. The effective, „net" time of fishing (when the rig is at the bottom, waiting stationery for catch) became relevantly longer!

The well-tried long rig with a skiddy feeder basket on my feeder

Fast baiting, then some calm minutes after the cast

A fastidious, and also the most secure solution are the metal clips, preferred by
all conscientious feeder fisher. Using it is the best method to get back every time
to our feeding place among every circumstances.

While I wait for catch, I always shift to lower gear ratio, so in case of hooking
bigger fish, I can start the play with higher security.

In the first two hours, after I caught some quiet sizeable crucian carps,
I recognised the ingenuity of Double Speed!

When lesser carps appeared at the feeding, I already knew, that the brake system
of the real is the embodied dream! It reacts to every little pull, it never clogs!

Thanks to the reel, I don’t have to worry about the tear of the thin rig

In case of a void strike, with a single move…

… we can shift to higher speed, so we can faster unspool our empty rig.

The shift between the speeds became a routine even during the first fishing. One thing is sure, once we get used to and attached to it, we will not forgo it anymore!

We hope that race fishers will like it: the minutes spared by using it can mean more fish, more points, or even can decide the outcome of races!

It is important to speak of the reel’s ability to retract the line. The measured values: at the 3000 (mm) variant, at a 4,7:1 gear ratio 63 cm, while at a 6,7:1 gear ratio 87 cm is retracted by a single spin of the handle! The same values at the 4000 (mm) variant are 64 cm (4,3:1) and 94 cm-re (6,3:1), while at the largest, 6000 (mm) variant 79 cm (4,3:1) and 115 cm (6,3:1) retraction can be achieved by a single spin!

Big carp on the hook, and it would just swim, swim, swim away …
Consuming the line in a quite authoritative manner…

I had to play this fish at a low gear ratio, slowly, patiently,
at a narrow place, but it was worthy…

If the big carps utilise all their skills during the playing, we also
have to use all our smart, as well as we have to exploit the
full potential of our equipment!

The Double Speed solves every tasks, it deserves distinction!!