Energofish: Devoted to fishing

Energofish Ltd, as a company founded in Hungary in 1992, has become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of fishing equipment in Eastern Europe.

Since its inception, we have been members of EFTTA (European Fishing Tackle Trade Association) and a permanent exhibitor of the EFTTEX exhibition they organize. Our successes have been based on our own brands such as Carp Expert, Benzar Mix, Wizard, IBite, L&K.

Our market success is due to our dedicated team of more than 150 people, suppliers and partners. We now ship to over 2,000 resellers in the region.

In 2020, we gained ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification and then BISNODE certification for this transparent and documented operation.

Our history

The goal of Energofish Ltd. is to find its products in the crates of all European anglers.

In 1992, our owner-founder, József Markóczy, dreamed of a boldness and laid the foundations for Energofish Ltd. In nearly thirty years, a success story has matured to the delight of our mature company, satisfied fishing shops, online stores and hundreds of thousands of anglers.

Our goal is to be there in every angler's compartment with our products, delighting them in this great sport from the pros to the hobby anglers!

In our partner stores, products can be found that meet even the widest range of custumer needs, thanks to product development. Our competent experts and champion sport anglers (Zsolt Benzár, Károly Bokor, Ibolya Deli, Ferenc Koós, Béla Lukácsi, Bence Szabó, Szilárd Szilvási and the Feeder Team) help to develop them.

EFFTEXOur quality fishing gear and complementary products owe their success to their unique development ingenuity and excellent price value ratio. The persistent work behind our developments is confirmed by our awards at more than 30 international and domestic exhibitions.

Energofish Ltd. sells through its reseller network, its only self-operated retail sample store is the Peca Pláza in Vecsés, which has been operating near Budapest since 2011. We are constantly waiting for all our dear fish enthusiasts at Peca Pláza, with reliable service, professional service and more than 15,000 products.

Our presence in Hungary is significant not only because of our role in sales, but also as part of our production capacity. We are proud of our production unit in Marcali and Dömsöd, which is responsible for many of our unique products.

In addition to the Hungarian market, the following websites are already available: Slovak, Czech, Romanian, international (in English), Austrian (in German), Serbian, Spanish, Ukrainian. The number of our new partners in Italy and Germany is constantly growing in all major EU countries, so we can already deliver the requested products to the entire territory of the Union.

The Energofish Team

In Hungary, almost 100 people work in our retail and wholesale trade to ensure the quality service of our partners and customers, while in our other subsidiaries we work with a team of more than 50 people in many other countries. Our success is mainly due to our dedicated and enthusiastic employees! We are proud of the performance of all of them and the fact that several of them have been with us since the opening!

Energofish Team


Markóczy József cégalapító, tulajdonos

József Markóczy established Energofish Ltd.


Carp Expert

Carp Expert is launched, which has become one of the best-known brands of anglers in Hungary and the region in the recent period.



We have introduced the Wizard brand to the market for predatory fish angling brands, which has enjoyed unbroken popularity among spinning anglers ever since.


EFTTEX London 2004

The EFTTEX International Fishing Exhibition was held in London, where Energofish presented the Fishing Box brand and product line for the first time.


Fehova 2005

For the first time, Energofish Ltd. is participating as an exhibitor at FeHoVa, and we have been present at the exhibition every year ever since.

EFTTEX Varsó 2005 EFTTEX Varsó 2005

The EFTTEX exhibition was held in Warsaw, where Energofish received the award for the most beautiful small stand.

Salmo Kupa 2005

The first Salmo Cup, organized by Energofish which was held in Romania.


Fehova 2006

The first Benzar stacking rod, dreamed by Zsolt Benzár, was presented at the FeHoVa exhibition.

We organize the Salmo cup in Hungary too.


Ponytshow 2009

Carp show is organized for the first time in Hungary, where Energofish participated.


In the distribution of Energofish Ltd., Mann’s rubber fish product range has already become available in Hungary.


Pecapláza Pecapláza

The sample store of Energofish Ltd, has opened. Our own branded products can also be purchased in retail at the Peca Pláza in Vecsés.


Fehova 2014

Anglers were able to meet for the first time the novelty of the Benzar Mix bait and bait brand, the Jelly Baits hook bait. The popular bait was unveiled at the FeHoVa show.


EFTTEX Varsó 2015

At the EFTTEX exhibition in Warsaw, Jelly Baits won the Best New Product award in the bait category.

iBite 2015 Varsó

The EFFTEX exhibition in Warsaw was also an important year for the iBite brand. The iBite brand representing “smart fishing” was introduced.


EFTTEX Budapest 2017 EFTTEX Budapest 2017

Budapest hosted the EFTTEX exhibition, where Energofish also won two awards. The Best Bait Award went to Benzar Jelly Baits Luminophore, while The One Enzimax proved to be the best among the novelties.


Fehova 2018

The FeHoVa exhibition was hugely popular this year as well. At the Energofish stand, the anglers could meet such excellent anglers as Károly Bokor and Zsolt Benzar. The One Particle Mix was intorduced at the show, which has been one of the favorite products of carp anglers ever since.


EFTTEX Brüsszel 2019 EFTTEX Brüsszel 2019

At the EFTTEX exhibition in Brussels, the Best Bait Award was again won by Benzar Mix Jelly Baits.


The year 2019 was important for lovers of premium carp products. The Sonik Sport and NAVITAS product families have become available in the offer of Energofish Ltd.

Pál István

István Pál, the managing director of Energofish Kft, is elected to the board of EFTTA.


RidgeMonkey RidgeMonkey

Another premium carp fishing brand has appeared in Energofish's supply, RidgeMonkey.

ISO Bisnode

Energofish Ltd, the first Hungarian fishing tackle trader, obtains ISO 9001, 27001 és BISNODE certification.


Go Green

In 2021, we took important steps in the field of environmentally conscious operation. In addition to trade, our company also strives for environmental protection in its internal life. We exchange our packaging materials for continuously degradable materials and carry out selective waste collection within the company. When buying office equipment, it is important for us to make it largely from recycled materials. We also promote the importance of environmental protection among our partners, which would enable us to enforce such an environmental protection effort in the profession uniquely in Hungary.

Founded: years ago.