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1. GROUND BAIT BENZAR  (Promotional products)

A well tried groundbait developed by Zsolt Benzár.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Type Colour Parameter Stripping Recommended retail price
94005-090Betaine Carp3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-301Vanilla3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-337Carp-carassius3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-346Garlic3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-349Carp-carassius3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-350Master Carp3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-351AmurCarp3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-352Mussel3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-354Cheese for stream3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-355BarbelNose-carp3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-361Carp-carassius Red3 kg 6,99 EUR
94005-388Chocolate-Orange3 kg 5,16 EUR
94005-550blackCompetition Special1 kg 2,88 EUR
94005-555Competition Special 1 kg 2,88 EUR
94008-031Alburnus1 kg 2,99 EUR
94008-051Special Feeder1 kg 2,88 EUR

2. ROD CARP EXPERT TELEMATCH  (Promotional products)

A new telescopic match rod has been introduced by Carp Expert.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Length Section numbers Cast weight Shipping size Weight Recommended retail price
12011-3903,90 m 85-20 g114 cm212 g 59,96 EUR
12011-4204,20 m85-20 g119 cm226 g 61,96 EUR

3. REEL ET BLACK FIGHTER BOLO  (Promotional products)

Here is a wonderful reel for bolognese and spinning anglers.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Gear Ratio BB Break system Size Reel spool Reel shell material Weight Line capacity Recommended retail price
20444-0115,2:15+1Frontbrake20MetalGraphite191 g0,20 mm / 115 m 23,96 EUR

4. REEL BLACK FIGHTER MATCH  (Promotional products)

It is an excellent match fishing reel in its category.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Size BB Break system Gear Ratio Reel shell material Reel spool Line capacity Weight Recommended retail price
20762-45040005+1Frontbrake5,2:1GraphiteMetal0,25 mm / 105 m337 g 31,96 EUR

5. LINE EXCALIBUR CAMELEON 300 m  (Promotional products)

Like a real chameleon, this line changes its color to blend into the surroundings.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Colour Diameter Tensile strength Length Recommended retail price
30105-620Cameleon0,20 mm5,48 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
30105-625Cameleon0,25 mm6,43 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
30105-630Cameleon0,30 mm11,92 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
30105-635Cameleon0,35 mm14,13 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
30105-640Chameleon0,40 mm18,25 kg300 m 5,99 EUR

6. LINE EXCALIBUR CARP CAMOU 300M  (Promotional products)

This line can become invisible in the mud or in the weed.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Colour Diameter Tensile strength Length Recommended retail price
34050-016Camou0,16 mm3,75 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-018Camou0,18 mm4,95 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-020Camou0,20 mm5,75 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-022Camou0,22 mm7,05 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-025Camou0,25 mm8,65 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-030Camou0,30 mm12,30 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-035Camou0,35 mm15,20 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34050-040Camou0,40 mm19,30 kg300 m 5,99 EUR


A fluorocarbon line at a reasonable price.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Colour Diameter Tensile strength Length Recommended retail price
34055-014Transparent0,14 mm3,15 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-016Transparent0,16 mm3,50 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-018Transparent0,18 mm4,05 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-020Transparent0,20 mm5,10 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-022Transparent0,22 mm5,80 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-025Transparent0,25 mm8,40 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-030Transparent0,30 mm10,85 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-035Transparent0,35 mm13,85 kg200 m 5,99 EUR
34055-040Transparent0,40 mm17,55 kg200 m 5,99 EUR

8. LINE EXCALIBUR CARP FEEDER FLUO ORANGE 300M  (Promotional products)

Article nr. Colour Diameter Tensile strength Length Recommended retail price
34060-018Fluo Orange0,18 mm4,80 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34060-020Fluo Orange0,20 mm5,75 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34060-022Fluo Orange0,22 mm6,85 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34060-025Fluo Orange0,25 mm8,70 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34060-030Fluo Orange0,30 mm12,35 kg300 m 5,99 EUR
34060-035Fluo Orange0,35 mm14,85 kg300 m 5,99 EUR

9. ET WIRELESS FISH FINDER  (Promotional products)

Article nr. Type Recommended retail price
74871-0357051 123,20 EUR
79,96 EUR

10. CARP EXPERT SOFT MAGGOT  (Promotional products)

Article nr. Type Colour Stripping Recommended retail price
79400-103HoneyYellow20 pcs/pack 1,56 EUR

11. CXP SILICORN TUTTI FRUTTI  (Promotional products)

Carp Expert Silicorn is an ultimate big fish catcher.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Type Colour Stripping Recommended retail price
79466-101vanillaYellow10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-102AniseFluorescent10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-103HoneyYellow10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-113StrawberryRed10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-125PineappleNeon Yellow10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-146GarlicNeon Yellow10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-148Blood wormRed10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-152MusselOrange10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-159AmurGreen10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-164SquidGreen10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR
79466-173tutti-fruttiOrange10pcs/Pack 3,49 EUR

12. CARP EXPERT DIPPED PUFFI MINI 150ML  (Promotional products)

Pop up balls with excellent buoyancy.  (Detailed description)

13. THE ONE BOILIE 1KG  (Promotional products)

The One boiled boilies are essential food sources for big carps.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Type Size Colour Parameter Stripping Recommended retail price
98036-118Fruity, Spicy, Fish18mmredsoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-122Fruity, Spicy, Fish22mmredsoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-218Fruity, Spicy, Fish18mmredboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-222Fruity, Spicy, Fish22mmredboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-318Fishmeal, hot, Spicy18mmblacksoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-322Fishmeal, hot, Spicy22mmblacksoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-418Fishmeal, hot, Spicy18mmblackboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-422Fishmeal, hot, Spicy22mmblackboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-518Crab, Salmon oil18mmpurplesoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-522Crab, Salmon oil22mmpurplesoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-618Crab, Salmon oil18mmpurpleboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-622Crab, Salmon oil22mmpurpleboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-718Butter caramel18mmgoldsoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-722Butter caramel22mmgoldsoluble1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-818Butter caramel18mmgoldboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR
98036-822Butter caramel22mmgoldboiled1 kg 12,99 EUR

14. THE ONE POP-UP 60G  (Promotional products)

The One Fluoro pop-ups are ultimate fish attracters.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Type Colour Parameter Stripping Recommended retail price
98036-913Fishmeal, hot, SpicyMixedpop-up60 gr 8,99 EUR
98036-915Crab, Salmon oilMixedpop-up60 gr 8,99 EUR
98036-917Butter caramelMixedpop-up60 gr 8,99 EUR

15. THE ONE HOOK BOILIES MIX 150 G  (Promotional products)

The One boiled hookbaits are carefully selected products boosted with the infusion of high quality ingredients.  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Type Size Colour Parameter Stripping Recommended retail price
98036-921Fruity, Spicy, Fish14-18-20 mmRedboiled150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-922Fruity, Spicy, Fish14-18-20 mmRedsoluble150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-923Fishmeal, hot, Spicy14-18-20 mmBlackboiled150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-924Fishmeal, hot, Spicy14-18-20 mmBlacksoluble150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-925Crab, Salmon oil14-18-20 mmPurpleboiled150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-926Crab, Salmon oil14-18-20 mmPurplesoluble150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-927Butter caramel14-18-20 mmGoldboiled150 g 6,99 EUR
98036-928Butter caramel14-18-20 mmGoldsoluble150 g 6,99 EUR

16. BENZAR-MIX PASTONCHINO 800GR  (Promotional products)

The best additive for carps, crucian carps and breams!  (Detailed description)
Article nr. Colour Stripping Recommended retail price
98098-291Red800 g 3,56 EUR
98098-292Yellow800 g 3,56 EUR

17. THE ONE DIP 150G  (Promotional products)

The Purple One boilie dip attracts the fish to your hookbait effectively. The crayfish aroma of this powerful liquid is a guarantee of big fish catches..  (Detailed description)

18. REEL ET EXTREME SPIN NEW  (Promotional products)

As their name suggest, Extreme reels have been designed to deal with unexpected, extreme fishing situations.  (Detailed description)