Enormous Success in the Efttex Exhibition
Published: 2015. July 14. | Source: EnergoTeam | News

Last week’s Formula 1 threw up an unpredictable race with Will Stevens and Robert Mehri ended up first and second. Indeed, this would cause a great sensation – if it was true. The success of the Hungarian Energofish Team in the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (Efttex) is a miracle of our technicians’ precision and careful planning. In the Soft/Dough Bait category our products won first and second prize.

The experts in the exhibition found it important to note that not only huge companies can win the first prize. It has never happened before that a relatively small company defeated all the other giants.

Benzar Jelly Baits was chosen the Best New Soft/Dough Bait. We believe that this product revolutionize our ideas of imitation baits. Actually, these hookbaits are not made of plastic, but soluble albumen. Therefore, Benzar Jelly Baits do not pollute the environment unlike other similar products. Despite the fact that they are not made of plastic, they sit on the hook perfectly. What makes them unique is the special aroma that fish are unable to resist. These lifelike hookbaits look exactly like the creatures they imitate. No wonder people kept asking us if they were real. You can get various imitations such as maggot, bloodworm, worm and caviar.

Never in our wildest dream did we think we could win

To our great surprise, not only was Energofish Team awarded first prize, but also second. The international jury must have appreciated the special fluorescent ingredient that we use in our extremely popular Fluoro Carp micro pellet.

Against and next to each other…

L&K products will be improved in the near future. In the exhibition, the new
Cheburashka was definitely one of the most popular products

Not to mention the PVA-52…

The One products attracted a lot of attention too

Evidently, we had many other products in the competition. Although L&K Cheburashka did not win any prize, many people loved it.

A small but innovative stand

Constant interest…

Winning the competition was beyond our wildest dream

Here’s the winner!

Another innovation of Energo Team is the revolutionary iBite, which is the bite alarm of the future. At this point it can prove useful in feeder fishing. Unlike other bite alarms, iBite detects vibrations, not the movements of the line. It sends the sign to your smart phone, where a special app filters out the vibrations caused by the currents. Even if you can’t watch the rod for a second, you won’t miss any bite thanks to this innovative gadget.

Everybody’s smiling

The winning corner

Robot technology

iBite shows every vibration

Thank you Warsaw!

Looks like real, isn’t it?

Although it was not in the competition, many people were interested in the PVA-52 Bombs. These PVA bags are filled with pellets and ground bait. A palatable combination for carps! Most of the products, except for iBite, will be available soon. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

No, they are not real…

One of our distributed brands, Mann’s also won a prize with its new spinnerbait

It’s always good to get credit for our work

Winning bait

A broad smile


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