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Also associated with the name of the latest Carp Expert chair, this design is not designed for the average angler, but for those who want to enjoy this great pastime with maximum comfort factors.

This type is outstanding in the range, with a load capacity of 150 kg!

Did you wish for a long time for a chair of the right size and load-bearing capacity in which you can finally spend your free time in maximum comfort during your favorite free time activity? Fortunately, you don't have to look any further, as Carp Expert's latest chair is designed for the most heavy use..

Let's see its parameters and their benefits:

- It has a large seating area, so even sportmates with real fishing size can sit comfortably in it, even for long hours.

- At the junction of the backrest and the seat, a padded part is placed crosswise, which provides perfect support for the hips, which is a very important aspect of comfort and health.

The backrest can be tilted using two large rollers for a wide range of comfortable seating positions.

- It has an extremely high and wide backrest, which gives the back the right support.

- The height of the seat is 40 cm, which can be raised to 55 cm with the easily adjustable legs, and thanks to the legs, it can be easily adjusted on uneven or sloping ground.

The 8 cm wide soles help us to ensure that not even a heavy load pushes the feet into the ground.

- It has an extremely long and 5 cm wide armrest, which supports the forearms and relieves the load from the upper arms, thus enhancing the feeling of comfort.

- When folded, its dimensions are 80x60x20 cm, so this huge size chair can be transported in a relatively small space.

- 20 mm iron tube frame ensures stability. Reinforced seams make it durable.

The Oxford material provides durability, while the interior plush cover provides extra comfort and warmth.

All in all, a high-quality chair with extra load-bearing capacity and comfort parts. Recommended for anyone who has had enough of small, uncomfortable, lightweight chairs!

Article Nr. Recommended retail price Type Material Parameter Shipping size Weight
73701-350 CARP EXPERT PRESIDENT CHAIR 227.23 EUR New PresidentOxford150 kg capacity80x60x20 cm7,7 kg

12.68 EUR
22.23 EUR
34.50 EUR
28.59 EUR
31.32 EUR
40.86 EUR
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