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FISH-LIVER: A mixture of grist with different particle sizes rich in animal and plant proteins. It dissolves easily in the water. Its liver powder content exceeds 5%, and its total protein content is above 30%. The quality of the mixture can be enhanced by adding high quality fish oil into it. We recommend that you use it primarily in waters whose temperature is above 18°C, but it has also brought surprising results in colder waters (below 15 °C). This mixture has set several records. HONEY POLLEN: Honey is one of the oldest fish attractants. Pollen is rich in vitamins and amino acids. Probably that’s why it is loved by carps! The mixture contains ground pellets with high content values and ground and crushed oily seeds. It can be used even as fish feed. This combination of flavors and fragrances is extremely effective in the spring and the autumn. ANISE-SPICE: The flavor of anise had been used in angling for a long time, but later it was forgotten. Nevertheless, its high oil content and unique aroma have beneficial effects on the feeding of fish. Anise oil is an essential ingredient of this mixture. It contains 2% Robin Red, which is considered to be an ultimate fish attractant in itself. It has, furthermore, very high protein content. 72% of the mixture contains LT fish meal and a milk derivative that triggers fast dissolution of content values in the water. The anise-spice bombs can be ultimate fish catchers in any season even on hot summer days. ATOM-PELLET MIX: This mixture is made from different size pellets with high animal protein content and high quality carbohydrate content. In the production, the mixture is soaked in molasses. Then, it is filled into the mesh. We use molasses because of its high betaine content, which stimulates the appetite of fish. As a result of different size pellets, our bait is surrounded by a luring substance, which dissolves gradually in the water. Due to this special effect, the mixture is a favorite delicacy of carps searching for high energy food source in warm lakes. AMINO-MOLASSES MIX: A mixture containing six types of crushed seeds (corn, tiger nuts, hemp, yellow millet, red millet, rapeseed). Before the seeds are soaked and boiled, they are ground through a special technology. The mixture boiled in molasses is then filled into PVA meshes. The classic boiled seeds bring excellent results in every season. Due to its high molasses content, the Amino-Molasses Mix dissolves slower. Consequently, it produces a lasting effect in the water. 

Article Nr. Type Flavoring Size Packaging
97100-015 PVA BOMB HONEY POLLEN PVA BombsHoney-pollen30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-025 PVA BOMB ATOM PELLET MIX There is no unique product image for this product version, so the main product image is displayed. PVA BombsAtom pellet mix30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-035 PVA BOMB AMINO KRILL PVA BombsAmino krill30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-040 PVA BOMB AMINO CHILI PVA BombsAmino chili30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-045 PVA BOMB AMINO GARLIC PVA BombsAmino garlic30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-050 PVA BOMB AMINO CHOCOLATE PVA BombsAmino choco-caramel30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-055 PVA BOMB SCOPEX VANILIA PVA BombsScopex-vaniilla30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-060 PVA BOMB SCOPEX STRAWBERRY PVA BombsScopex-strawberry30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-065 PVA BOMB SCOPEX SHELL PVA BombsScopex-mussel30x20 mm20 pcs/pack
97100-070 PVA BOMB SCOPEX MANGO PVA BombsScopex-mango30x20 mm20 pcs/pack

Bomb on the hook!
Published: 2022-06-23 | Source: Energofish | Articles

Bomb on the hook I am sure to everyone knows the feeling when you had done everything, but the fish did not eat your bite. Sometimes the best tackle, the most effective rig is not enough for the success. In that case you must find the reason of that, and you have to solve the problem if you want ...

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