Gergely Talabér2012. July 17.


In the middle of June, the Summer arrived. The temperature went upper and upper. I was waiting the weekend very much! After the long and boring Winter brake and after the windy, rainy spring days, at last I don’t need a raincoat! Fishes likes this weather as well and eats more and are less cautious, the takes are aggressive, and runs with the hook like an express train, until a skillful angler stops them for a picture.

No clouds on the blue sky

I planned a fishing event long time ago in the fishery of Igarpuszta, not far from Szekesfehervar. We are in the ages of the internet, so news travels fast, and I heard good things about this lake from my friends also. Strong and beautiful carps are living here, some huge one as well. The hooking mat, the landing net and the disinfectant spray are also mandatory to use. This means to me that the owner of the lakes are really serious about his carp’s health. This is why the fishes here are so strong.

I started the fishing with mixing the groundbait

The surroundings of the lake is really nice, no trash on the bank. The net can be used only for carps which will be bought by the angler, the rest of the fishes needs to be set free right after the catch. It was allowed to me to keep fishes until the catch photograph of the day. I really thank you this for the lake’s owner.
I really like the great stones at every fishing place on the bank. I fall into the water on every fishing, so this was really helpful to me. No mud, no problem. To be honest I felt into the water again, but not because the slippery bank.

First carp coming!

Beautiful and healthy fish

All the needed things were given for a great fishing today! The wind was quite (this is a small miracle here), and the Sun was shining on the blue sky, its rays were sparkled on the waves of the water. The rustle of the weeds was mixed with the birdsong. Some casting noise as well, or landing, but not more. This is an elysium after the weekday’s rush. The morning was nice, but the day was hot, just like normally in the summer. Watching the tips always make my mind empty, so the warm air and the strong sunshine was not a problem for me. Carps jumped sometimes one here and once there. The water was quite cold so the fishes really dont understand us on the banks.

The Extreme, one of my favorites

The perfectly matching reel is
the Ryoby Applause in size 3000

So the carps jumps. The voice of them can be heard all over the lake. The say fishes does not eat in this conditions, or just in the middle of the water. I wasn’t prepared for floating. To be frank I did, I brought my ET Extreme Match-Feeder, which is a float rod as well, but I had no floats, just feeder rigs. Except a marker float, which was used to check the terrain if the lake, but for fishing, it is not the best choice. To be honest, I wanted to fishing the feeder today, as this is my favorite method.

Next to the silicon ring there is the hair rig as well.
Very useful, if we didn't made it at home before the fishing

The today reel was the Ryobi Applause in size 3000. It was used several times before in my articles. And yes, you are right! This is not a feeder reel., neither a float one. It has no freerunner brake (which is very popular nowdays and very useful as well, of course), as this is a spinning reel. So why do I use this one, instead of a feeder reel? To be frank, when I started to use feeder rods, one of my first reel was the ET Power Match. I like it still! I like the double handle, the precise front brake system. The whole reel knows not so much, but it is really strong and durable one. I like freerunners as well, but while I was fishing with the Power Match, I became familiar to hold the spool when I strike in. Until I drag the fish, I continuously adjust the brake strength, to adapt to the fish’s movement. This is why I don’t miss the freerunner, however it would be useful in some situations, because it is faster and more convenient solution than always adjusting the brake. The good things can be get accustomed to fast and easy, so I think I will start using freerunners quickly.

Feederrod under pressure

The base of the rig was a single method feeder cage, I put all the groundbait into this, just as the bait as well. For anglers with two left hand like me, this is a very good solution to avoid any tangles. Try to cast and tangle the mainline with this rig! I know, what do you want to know now, the hook will not be hooked into the cage. I belive this too, but it never happened to me.
I started fishing around 9 o’clock in the morning. The Sun shined strongly and the sky was so blue, there was no clouds on the horizon. The surface of the water was plain like a mirror. I felt that the fishes are below this surface. Sometimes one of the just jumped over the air, his scales were shining in the sunlight. I wish I can catch some of them during the morning! My wish was fulfilled, but don’t rush so fast! Let’s check the tactics and tips of the event.

Carp fights strongly on the thin hooklenght

First of all, I did not not any initial bailing-in. Instead if it, I cast with a loaded cage in every ten minutes. There is no strong flow in this lake to carry of my groundbait, so I don’t need to worry about it. To be honest, drop the initial bailing-in within one and a half hour instead of casting continuously within 10 - 15 minutes using the clip of the spool. I was waiting one hour for the first take. It was very strong, easy to detect on the feeder tip. It was a carp, of course. The Extreme feeder rod worked very well. The Applause’s reel was used rarely, however it was set to a soft level. The rod was very flexible, absorbed all the movements of the fish. This is why I like softer rods. The hooh cant be dropped so easily du tos the continuous contact. After landing and taking a quick picture, I drop the fish into the net.

Due to the flexible blanc of the rod,
there was no chance to brake the rig

The groundbait cannot open in time, the carp took the bait so fast

I caught one more fish between ten and twelve o’clock. To be honest, I had no Idea, why catch just a few. I tried out several baits (maggot, different type of corn and pellets) in different distance, but nothing. I had some minor takes, but I wasn’t able to catch these. I felt that I am in trouble, when the fishes started the feeding orgy, and I started to catch them one by one. The secret was one single strawberry flavored halibut pellet on the hair rig and pushed into the center of the groundbait in the cage just as the soft pellets or corn were some time before. Except while the corn and the soft pellets was put on the hook, than now I used a hair rig for the feeder cage. Strange solution, isn’t it? The carps took it stronger than the smaller baits. My second thought was that the fishes likes the strawberry halibut pellet’s sweet but smelly taste. This combined flavour was successful several times in the past and I think I will keep it in my bag always.

Typical bait of the day

Simpler method feeder cage

Put some groundbait onto it

Push the bait into the groundbait

Push some groundbait again to cover the bait

In the interval starting from twelve and ending in two o’clock at the afternoon, I caught four more carps. They were nice looking, strong and healthy fishes, catching them was a really good experience expecialy with this soft rod. Although it is soft, it is really strong as well. Until this time I wasn’t able to test them just on smaller fishes, but now I caught some really nice fish too. The only I can say that the 0.18 millimeter mainline and the 0.14 millimeter hookline did the job very well. I didn’t lost any fish due a broken line. To be frank this is a specification of the fine tackle like this medium feeder. Last year at the end of the Autumn, I caught the carps - in weight around two kilograms - using a 0.12 millimeter hooklink. The success rod at that time was the Competition feeder, wich is a really good, soft action rod in the light category.

Another good fish on the hook

At the end, I had a really good fishing event on at this dogday Saturday. And I got a lot of experience as well. First of all, I like my Extreme Match-Feeder much more than before. It is sensitive, but strong. Good choice if I want to catch small bream, rudd or crucian carp but if I want to "hunt" for carp, it is also not a problem for this line even with feeder or float rigs. I offer this rod for every angler, who likes the fine rigs and fishing techniques, but dont want to spend a lots of money for the tackle. The Extreme Match-Feeder is the right choice for them and he will be happy with it. Because this is not a compromise, this is the essence of angling.

Nice catch is the result of the morning fishing



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