Bálint Gaudi Nagy2017. July 15.


This year the 36th EFTTEX (European Fishing Tackle Exhibition) took place between 29th June and 1st July. It must be noted that this is one of the biggest exhibitions in Europe, where many manufacturers introduce their new products. This prestigious exhibition was started in 1981 in London. Since then it has been organized every year in different cities of Europe. Fortunately, Hungarian manufacturers didn’t have to travel too far this year, as the exhibition took place in Budapest on Hungexpo. This is the second time the event has taken place in our capital, and it’s fair to say that it’s been a great success.

The stand of Energofish in the EFTTEX

Success in EFTTEX

Our team The stand before the opening

In 2015 Zsolt Benzár won in the „Best Soft/Dough Bait" category with Benzár Jelly Maggot, which was considered a novelty back then.

The creator of the winning bait

This year one of our new products, the Benzár Jelly Baits Luminophore worm, has won in the very same category. These artificial baits look exactly like the real ones, except they light. It is important that these baits are not made of rubber. We use soluble albumen, which do not pollute the environment. The bait dissolves naturally in the water. This we consider a major advantage over other manufacturers.

We've shown how the award winning Bezár Jelly Baits Luminophore works

Here is the winner!

The presentation of the Jelly

See, it looks like real! We've won!

Let’s not forget about The One Enzymax, which was given the Visitor’s Choice award. These corns are germinated and go through a special fermentation process. It is also one of our novelties that you couldn’t find in fishing shops before. Probably that’s why people loved it!

Unique baits indeed! Everyone can see the result

This year's exhibition has been a major success for Energofish.

Let's take a closer look at our stand. Our shelves are full of novelties. No wonder, we were awarded two prizes.

István Pál, our general manager, with the awards Zsolt Benzár with his second first prize
Our latest reels and headlamps We also introduced our latest rods
Our PVA products are enjoying increasing popularity The One products and novelties, among them our award winning product
Benzár Mix pompom CXP Elastocorn
We were full of Jellies! The popular Excalibur products
Salmo novelties What to expect in 2018?

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CARP MADRID FISHING SHOW 7-8th of december 2019

CARP MADRID FISHING SHOW 7-8th of december 2019

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This fishing show was the first of its kind to be held at the Crystal Pavilion. The best brands, stores and lakes came together at this amazing location along with national and international anglers. Carp Madrid fishing show took place at the contemporary Glass Pavilion right in the centre of the Spanish Capital. With a capacity of 15,000+ people this fishing show was Spain’s largest fishing event to date. With established brands and special guests, alongside new, up and coming...

New trend in night fishing

New trend in night fishing

2019-09-10 | Source: Energofish

This Efttex brought success for Energofish in the bait sector again. Benzar Jelly Scented Bloodworm became the best bait in Brussels. This makes the company more sure in their strategy, that developing baits is the way they have to follow. No question that the company’s reputation is rapidly growing and its OEM bait brands like Benzar and Carp Expert is getting more and more popular, and not only in Europe. Due to it’s live like appearance caught the attention of many anglers,...



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PVA products, like meshes, bags and lines, have been present on the European market for years. Manufacturers are offering new and new versions to anglers. Carp Expert is widely known and popular among carp anglers. The PVA mesh opens doors for boilie and big fish anglers. What’s more, anglers who prefer float or bottom fishing can also enjoy the advantages of this product. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly: float anglers can also use this product successfully. This article reveals...

The best predator accessories

The best predator accessories

2017-09-25 | Source: Halmos Mihály

L&K offers a wide variety of predator accessories. These products are essential for spinning in every season. Fanatic spinning anglers must be happy with our wolfram and fluorocarbon leaders with titanium coating, standard and micro jig heads equipped with high quality hooks, and cheburashka heads available in various sizes. Also, let’s not forget about the excellent plastics. These marvelous products ensure that there isn’t a situation where we can’t succeed. ...



2017-09-08 | Source: Lukácsi Béla

2016-08-30 A lot of people ask me how to retrieve one of the most popular asp baits, the Salmo Thrill. As with almost all asp lures, the faster the lure moves the catchier it is. Here, let me give you a few tips that can help you become a successful asp angler. I’ll also recommend a reliable setup to you. It might sound surprising, but fish can swim unbelievably fast. Naturally, predator fish have to be faster than other fish, if they want to survive. This is...



2017-09-08 | Source: Halmos Mihály

If someone had told me in 2015 that in the Wizard family there would be a lighter and more comfortable rod than the Wizard Drop Shot, I would have laughed. I didn’t think that this standard could be enhanced. The designers, however, thought it otherwise, and they made a brave attempt to create a new fishing rod. To make the handiest fishing rod ever, they used only the best raw materials. Then, they altered the structure of the handle and put some extra guides on the body. ...