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Today the various manufacturers of fishing tackles battle every summer for drawing the attention of new customers and keeping existing ones. The result: new innovations in every field of fishing accessories. Are you keen on trying new gadgets? Maybe you should check some of the following ones:

L&K Micro Spoon

The small, 3 centimetre spoon lure weights 3 grams, and moves similarly to small fish thanks to it’s embossed surface. It’s shape is most similar to a bream or roach. In spite of it’s small size it can be used at any depth between 0-2 metres. This is a real chub and trout hunter lure, the orfes, perches and asps also like it. On the strong split ring takes place the special hook, which helps us to avoid causing harm to the fish, but during fishing holds even the biggest fish steady.

Bokor Micro Jig

This micro jig rod is the ultralight spinning rod, manufactured to angle for predatory fish. Thanks to it’s ultralight materials it is easy to hold for hours, yet you feel that it has considerable „backbone"consideraly when you strika at a capital pike! The finely elaborated SIC rings evenly distributes the weight of the fish, so you can beat even the most fierce, capital specimen of predatory fish! These rings also don’t damage even the thinnest braided lines, a great asset when using micro jigs. The easy-to cast, sensitive rod transmits even the slightest moves of the fish through the line.

Carp Expert Double Speed

The double speed reel is a revolutionary invention, the first double speed reel ever. It has two different gear ratios, by shifting between them we can increase or decrease the speed of spooling and unspooling. A lower gear ratio during the playing enable us to hold steadily against the pulling force of the fish, while switching to lower gear ratio makes respooling a child’s play, as we can retract significantly more line with a spin. It’s spooling is vibration free and silent. The tensile force of the freerunner can be calibrated. It’s grip is ergonomic, the line spool is hard-wearing aluminium.

TheOne PVA sausage+liguid

The TheOnePVA52 bomb feeding material is the newest member of the TheOne product line. It is real delicacy which attracts carps to our hook! It’s dry material is compacted to the least possible volume, after getting into water it almost explodes, dissolving it’s intensive aroma within a minute! It is preportioned into small PVA nets, we can comfortably attached it next to our hook. Available in four different flavors and colors. Purple with crab flavor, red with black pepper and a fruity flavor, black in a spicy flavor and special squid and tuna meal, and gold with butter toffe flavor.

Benzar Mix Pom Pom bait

Made of special materials designed to soak and preserve all kind af aromas. The outer layer emits the strong aroma in little time, luring fish to our hook from a wide area. The inner core emits slowly but countinously the aroma, allowing us to catch the gathering fish. This easy-to-hook bait is available in a great number of different variants. Every fisher can find the most fitting one for his aims. It can be applied in itself, or to further boost the effectivenes of living or plastic baits.

L&K Flat Bait

This small L&K micro blinker spoon is a grand favourite among small fish like chubs, trouts, perches or asps. It’s figure is very likely to a small bream or roach, and thanks to it’s embossed surface, it moves in the water like these fish. You can easily fish with it up to 2 metres length, so you can catch even the most shy nases in the holes of the riverbed. The special hook is attached to the blinker on a strong split ring, so can keep steadily even the fiercest asps at the playing without causing harm to them.

Winged Jig

Considering environment, brass headed. More than just a quick rise of the bait and its slow fall. This is the concept of new techniques in spin fishing which opens up tremendous previously unavailable jig features: The plate wing fixed on a sinker head doesn’t prevent to throw far the bait and allows to carry out conducting rather slowly. The plate gives the bait a specific "wobbler" game, the activity and the amplitude of which depends on the "wing" size. Due to author's original fastener, it is easy to change the bait and ensure structural efficiency of the unit.

If you would like to hold these products in your hands and hear some more interesting infos about them from real professionals, visit our stand (AA 30) this month between 16th-18th in Amsterdam, at Efftex.




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Carps in fishery of Igarpuszta

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