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L&K offers a wide variety of predator accessories. These products are essential for spinning in every season. Fanatic spinning anglers must be happy with our wolfram and fluorocarbon leaders with titanium coating, standard and micro jig heads equipped with high quality hooks, and cheburashka heads available in various sizes. Also, let’s not forget about the excellent plastics. These marvelous products ensure that there isn’t a situation where we can’t succeed.

Among the L&K accessories, we can find a lot of tiny little things which make spinning more effective in the smallest streams as well.

The core of spinning fishing: a super sensitive rod and a reel which delivers perfect contact. The rest comes only after.

Here is one of the revolutionary accessories to start with. This is the L&K Winged Jig, which has opened a door to a new dimension in the world of plastic fishing. It is able to make the movement of most silicone baits soft and irresistible to predator fish. This unbelievably catchy plastic will jerk around careful pikes and sanders, as its appearance in the water is hardly noticeable.

Here are the Winged Jigs that I use the most. We can choose from 2 gm up to 21 gm versions.

I have already mentioned the careful appearance of the bait. Indeed, the appearance of a jig head which triggers floating in the water couldn't be more discreet. We can combine the Winged Jig with any kind of plastic baits like grubs, twisters, worms without any problems.

Only one polycarbonate disc with a piece of lead and wire, but it does wonders!
The structure of the Winged Jig is simple and transparent, but first and foremost amazingly effective.

As with all the other good inventions, the simplicity of the Winged Jig is conspicuous. We just simply have to attach the offset hook to the upper part of the wire, and then pull it into the right position so that it stays on the side where the lead is.

We can fix the jig with the help of a quick swivel, so we can change the bait at any given moment.
Winged Jig with Mann's double tail twister. This combination brings succes in overfished waters too!

It's not a big pike, but it's mine! The Winged Jig helps you catch fish in overfished waters.

The L&K Micro Jig is considered unique for several reasons. At first glance the absence of the jig’s leg might be unusual. In theory, this would fix the bait, but here it’s completely missing.

The Micro Jig has been designed mainly for rigging small, thin plastics which aren’t too durable.

Thanks to the variety of sizes, we can use them in many fishing situations.

The shank of the hook is thin (so that it won’t damage thin plastics), but also very durable, because it was made from extremely flexible steel. It is excellent for hooking hard-mouthed species too. It penetrates the mouth of pike and sander like a hot knife through butter. What’s more it can resist extreme strain! It won’t bend when playing the fish, so there’s no hook pulls.

Micro Jigs with the highest quality

One of their special characteristics is that we won’t be in trouble if we’ve forgot which package they’re from. As their weight is imprinted on the body of the head, you can check out the number any time.

A small but unbelievably attractive Mann's twister, which has given me a lot of asps, sanders, and pikes. Its hard rubber could hardly resist the strain caused by traditional jigs.

My new favorite UL plastic also sits safely on the hook.

The shank and the plastic stick together, which equals a stable position. Catching several chubs is a piece of cake for this jig!

The latest L&K Jig Fish Head is made from high quality materials!

The fish shape jig can be categorized into needle-sharp and durable jig heads which enable the use of big plastics! As far as we are concerned our niche product will give a unique appearance to the twister or grub that we’re using. According to our experiences the combination of vivid colors can enhance the effectiveness of fishing. This also goes for jigs.

One of our most promising novelties, the L&K Jig Head!

Besides the head, the quality of the hook is also worth mentioning. The thin crook, which can be found on the shank of the hook, will not prize plastics made from harder silicone, and it has excellent holding abilities. The throat of the hook ensures excellent holding when playing the fish, whereas the super sharp point delivers solid hook sets!

The shorter wire is bent, and stays firmly inside the plastic.

The jig head has an excellent appearance, but it also plays a key role in casting and achieving attractive movement in the water.

The extremely popular cheburashka jigs are also aimed at invigorating plastics. The L&K Cheburashka Glow is more than an average jjg head. The phosphorescent coating is an ultimate fish catcher in deep waters. Greenish fluorescent grubs have already proven to be irresistible to sanders and catfish hiding at the bottom of the water. There are different sizes available from 2 to 50 gm. Therefore, everyone can find the perfect jig for any kind of water and lure. Use them with small twisters in shallow streams or with big grubs in wild rivers.

The unique Cheburashka head, which knows no boundaries!

Problem solved. Thanks to the big sizes, river anglers can reach the deepest layers of the water and the best fish-holding areas.

Huge 45 gm heads, which ensure that the bait is presented at the bottom. This is where cautious predators hide.

The classical cheburashka of ET Wizard is made by the process of black sintering. With the help of this head, we can convert any eyed hook into a jig head. You can fix the hook to the steel swivel which can be found in the opening of the lead body. On the other side of the body, you can put a quick swivel to fix the bait. Thanks to this special design, we can change the weight and the hook at any time in order to adapt our tackle to the water conditions.

The Cheburashka of the Wizard family

Because of the special design, the link always stays tight in the body.
As an illustration: the proper position of the link in the body

One of the other aspects of innovations is the various predator leaders made from wolfram, titanium, and fluoro carbon.

From the three types of leaders, wolfram, titanium, and fluoro carbon, we can always choose the one that best fits the method and the target fish.
The illustrations and data on the back of the package provide useful pieces of information!

L&K Wolfram Leader

Wolfram is the most durable material in pike fishing! The leader is thin and soft; however, its breaking strain is unbelievably high. We recommend it for floating, bottom fishing, and basically any kind of spinning fishing. Wolfram leaders are considered the safest leaders.

L&K Titanium Leader

The L&K leader has a titanium coating, which satisfies the needs of fastidious anglers. Due to its material, it is stiff, which is considered a great advantage in different jerkbait techniques as the movement of the lure is not altered.

L&K Fluoro Carbon Leader

These transparent leaders are great for asp and sander fishing, where it is very important to make the line invisible close to our bait. In this way we can avoid the sneaking suspicion of the fish. The refraction of our fluorocarbon leaders is similar to that of the water, so we can exploit their invisibility. We strongly suggest using this line in clean water. There is no need for panic when there’s a pike on the hook, as fluorocarbon leaders are much more resistant to fray than traditional monofilament lines. With a bit of luck, you can land the pike safely. However, we wouldn’t recommend these leaders specifically for pike fishing as they are only partially resistant to the fray caused by the sharp teeth of pikes.

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