Benzar Jelly Baits
Published: 2015. April 27. | Source: Halmos Mihály | Articles

It is extremely difficult to imitate various objects in our environment not to mention living creatures… Using soluble albumen, Energo Team rose to the occasion and created Benzar Jelly Baits, which is the best imitation hookbait on the market. This wonderful imitation bait play trick on even the most experienced anglers. Benzar Jelly Baits have natural flavors and aromas, which demand the immediate attention of all fish.

Caviar, maggot, bloodworm, thick and thin worm


You can get Benzar Jelly in small tubs, which prevents it from losing its intensive aroma.


Its orange color makes Benzar Jelly Caviar visible even in muddy water. Its material is harder than the average, so it stays safely even on smaller hooks. It is extremely resistant to casts and hook sets. You can find 50 caviars in a tub. Their diameter is between 4-5 mm.

No fish can resist the intensive aroma of fish powder


You can put the caviar even on ultra lightweight hooks


For a solid hook set push the point of the hook through the hookbait


Benzar Jelly Maggot: almost like real


As if they were moving…


Here is the right way you put it on the hook


It is really important to push the hook through the silicon line. In this way you get a durable hookbait. Benzar Jelly Bloodworm imitates an essential hookbait in bream fishing. It is definitely the best imitation on the market. You should use it only with lightweight hooks. Poke it only once right in the middle.


No fish can resist it




Only seconds for the next bite

Both in feeder and match fishing worm is becoming a top hookbait. Benzar Jelly Worm is made of a soft material, which allows you to rip off the parts you don’t need. Similarly to Benzar Jelly Bloodworm it stays on the hook, but we suggest that you should use it with lightweight hooks.


Benzar Jelly Fishmeal Worm with a ET. Excalibur Carp Classic hook


Benzar Jelly Worm is a real piece of art. Made of soft silicon, it looks exactly like a real worm. You should definitely see it with your own eyes!.

Shocking similarity…



This one you can use with bigger hooks

These artistic imitation baits are now available for everyone. In the manufacturing, Energo Team’s top priority was to satisfy the taste of fish so that you can catch more carps, breams and roaches. Try out our new innovative products, and you won’t regret it!

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