Product description

Go Green Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag                     

As the use of nylon fabric is being phased out in more and more countries, we have created a range of bags available in different sizes within the Go Green program of Energofish Ltd.

In addition to the eco-friendly leads, it is worth looking ahead and focusing on environmental awareness in all areas, such as shopping or transporting purchased products.

Our Go Green bags, available in several sizes, provide the perfect alternative to this problem, replacing disposable products.

The bags are made of Non Woven material, which makes them extremely strong and durable, thus guaranteeing long usability.

Bags that have worn out or become unusable, in the name of environmental awareness and environmental protection, can be exchanged, thus encouraging all our customers to avoid disposable alternatives where possible.

Be environmentally conscious, switch to Go Green!

Article Nr. Recommended retail price Type Size Colour Parameter Material
74053-100 GO GREEN NON WOVEN ECO-FRIENDLY SHOPPING BAG 30*14*50CM 0.75 EUR New GO Green shopping bag30x14x50 cmGreenBasic - Capacity: 8 kgNon Woven
74053-105 GO GREEN NON WOVEN TOTE BAG 30*10*38CM 1.25 EUR New GO Green shopping bag30x10x38 cmGreenMedium - Capacity: 15 kgNon Woven
74053-110 GO GREEN NON WOVEN TOTE BAG 45*20*60CM 2.50 EUR New GO Green shopping bag45x20x60 cmGreenXXL - Capacity: 25 kgNon Woven